Error Handler

A simple error handler for direct debugging purpose via html output and targeting source code context of errors. It handle all errors including fatal errors and exceptions. It will start automatically in RedCat when your config set dev.php to true. $errorHandler = new RedCat\Debug\ErrorHandler;

Var Debug

This is a lighter and customizable alternative to native var_dump with syntax highlighting in html mode and showing the file and line call of debug function by dint of backtrace.
use Debug\Vars;

//direct output
Vars::debug($variable,$strlen=1000,$width=25,$depth=10); // text output
Vars::debug_html($variable,$strlen=1000,$width=25,$depth=10); // html output
Vars::debugs($variable1,$variabe2 /* , ... */); // html output
Vars::dbugs($variable1,$variabe2 /* , ... */); // text output

//output the result manualy
echo Vars::debug_html_return($variable,$strlen=1000,$width=25);
echo Vars::debug_return($variable,$strlen=1000,$width=25);
There is some procedural function which call static function to Vars class. The procedural functions file will be included automatically when ErrorHandler launch handle. dbug($var); //equivalent of Var::debug($var);
debug($var); //equivalent of Var::debug_html($var);
dbugs($var,$var2); //equivalent of Var::dbugs($var,$var2);
debugs($var,$var2); //equivalent of Var::debugs($var,$var2);

//inspired by laravel
d($var,$var2); //equivalent of debugs but with coloration for Command Line Interface (when detected)
dd($var,$var2); //debug and die